Tenores di Bitti

28.09.2003 / 21:00 h
Villa Elisabeth

20 Years Freunde Guter Musik Berlin

Traditional Sardinian male choir
Daniele Cossellu, Mario Pira, Pier Luigi Giorno, Piero Sanna

For thirty years, the vocal quartet Tenores Di Bitti Remunnu ‘E Locu (Bitti, Sardinien), named after the famous poet from Bitti, has been carrying on the still-lively Sardinian tradition of polyphonic a cappella men’s singing, which has an exceptional position in Mediterranean vocal music and is unique in Europe. A primordial form of the “canto a tenores” has been preserved in northeastern Sardinia for centuries, one as vital and direct as the untamed nature of the island. The lead singer sings the main melody – usually of ballads, satires, love songs, dances, or religious songs – while the three accompanying voices sing along in rhythmic patterns made up of nonsense syllables that sometimes evoke animal sounds. “The song springs from nature,” says Daniele Cossellu, leader of the ensemble. In addition to its usual concert appearances, Tenores di Bitti has collaborated with musicians such as Lester Bowie and Ornette Coleman.

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