Georg Klein

20 July 2013 / noon
Spreeufer / plaza in front of the Bundespresseamt
opening of the permanent work

Georg Klein: toposonie : : spree (2013)
topographic composition for an urban space

participative soundwalk along the Spree in Berlin-Mitte

The soundwalk, a self-guided experience available via smartphone, acoustically unfolds a separate reality in the government district, where fields of sound arise from the invisible voices behind political operations: the whisperings of lobbyists.

Participants need a smartphone (Android/iPhone) with headphones; to start the soundwalk download the radio aporee – app. Information at:

A presentation by KlangQuadrat – büro für klang- und medienkunst with support from the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin and the Bezirksamt Berlin-Mitte.

Additional date: 21 July 2013 / noon – Meet the artist
Spreeufer / plaza in front of the Bundespresseamt

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