Avant-garde and/as Politics – tape concert

20 July 2013 / 10 p.m.
St. Elisabeth-Kirche
tape concert

Johannes Fritsch: Modulation IV (1968) – 4-channel playback

Richard Barrett & Kees Tazelaar: Equale (2013, premiere/commission) – 8-channel playback
Richard Barrett and Kees Tazelaar, live diffusion
Commissioned by the Electronic Music Studio TU Berlin.

Mazen Kerbaj: Starry Night (2006) – stereo playback

The evening’s premiere refers to the political dimension of Luigi Nono’s oeuvre and confronts it with the praxis of collective composition. In his tape composition, Johannes Fritsch addresses the problem of the coherence of opposing (and contradictory) individual moments, whereas the trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj reacts by recording an improvisation while the Israeli air force bombed Beirut.

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