!Mediengruppe Bitnik

20 July 2013 / 11 a.m. city walk meeting point: Villa Elisabeth !Mediengruppe Bitnik: CCTV – A Trail of Images (2009/13) During a city walk, radio signals from surveillance cameras will be hacked and under surveillance themselves. Open reconnaissance of urban space with video sniffers. Additional date: 21 July 2013 / 11 a.m. meeting point: Villa Elisabeth  Read More

Georg Klein

20 July 2013 / noon Spreeufer / plaza in front of the Bundespresseamt opening of the permanent work Georg Klein: toposonie : : spree (2013) topographic composition for an urban space participative soundwalk along the Spree in Berlin-Mitte The soundwalk, a self-guided experience available via smartphone, acoustically unfolds a separate reality in the government district, where fields of sound arise from the invisible voices behind political operations:... weiterlesen

Richard Teitelbaum

20 July 2013 / 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. Volkspark am Weinberg / Rosengarten Kulturpavillon concert in public space in the event of rain, only at 5 p.m. at Villa Elisabeth (information: tel. 030-4404 8609) Richard Teitelbaum: Threshold Music (1973) / Threshold in Berlin (2013) Richard Teitelbaum (electronics) and the ensemble Konzert Minimal The musicians in Teitelbaum’s Threshold Music have carefully studied the soundscape of the performance venue... weiterlesen