Rodney Graham & Band

04.10.2003 / 21:00 h
Villa Elisabeth

20 Years Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V.

Rodney Graham (singer, guitar)
David Carswell (guitar, singer)
Mike Ledwidge (keyboards, guitar, singer)
Damon Henry (bass)
Pete Bourne (percussion)

Rodney Graham (Vancouver) has worked for many years on larger complexes of work about selected historical and cultural contexts, using various media such as printing, installation, photography, music, film and video. Since the early ’90s, classical and pop music have also become part of his reference systems. Graham’s encounter with pop music is based on his fascination with popular phenomena: the star, the perfect cover song, the direct form of communication. He brought out his first CD, “I’m A Noise Man”, in 1999 in conjunction with his exhibition at the Vienna Kunsthalle. Additional CD and LP releases have followed, along with some solo appearances as a singer and guitarist. In Berlin, Rodney Graham appears live with his band, which until now has accompanied him only at studio recording sessions, for the first time.

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