The Argument of the Street

19 July 2013 / 8:30 p.m.
Villa Elisabeth
opening concert

Lothar Voigtländer: Maikäfer flieg (1985) – stereo playback
Lothar Voigtländer, live diffusion

Bob Ostertag: All the Rage (1993) – string quartet and playback
string quartet of the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Hiwa K.: This Lemon Tastes of Apple (2011) – video (sound)

Frederic Rzewski: Lost and Found (1985) for solo percussionist
Matthias Kaul, performance

The opening concert explores the theme of the terrors of war in Lothar Voigtländer’s tape composition, which was controversial in the GDR, based on the children’s song Maikäfer flieg, dein Vater ist im Krieg, and in a physically violent performance evoking memories of the Vietnam War (Frederic Rzewski). In a video, Hiwa K. documents his unsettling intervention during street disturbances in Iraq, while Bob Ostertag’s string quartet is oriented on the sound of gay street protests in San Francisco.

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