Hassan Khan

Broken Music Vol. 2_Live


Thursday, April 27, 2023, 9pm


Hassan Khan
The Infinite Hip-Hop Song Live!

A battery of fire bars and rhymes, shifting basslines, mutating beats, elastic melodies all put together live into one evolving set using a custom-made digital interface.

Artist, musician and writer Hassan Khan has been touring this unique live set of original hip-hop since its premiere a year ago at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and most recently opening the Sonic Shaman Festival in Taipei. The piece was developed from his cutting edge algorithmic music installation The Infinite Hip-Hop Song (2019) which has been installed at major institutions such as the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid; SFMOMA, San Francisco; MOCA, Taipei; Centre Pompidou, Paris and KØS Museum, Koge.

The live version relies on a vast database of original content first produced by Khan for the installation: hundreds of beats, melodies, bass lines as well as vocal units from ten songs specially written by Khan and recorded in the studio with eleven rappers of diverse backgrounds. Although in the installation version the content is assembled in an endless flow by an algorithmic generator, Khan here reverses the roles – replacing the algorithm and taking over the controls on stage using a specifically developed system. (Photo: Hsuan Lang LIN)

This fascinating and complex project draws from our shared conditions to touch the latent impulses, desires and fears of contemporary global culture in which hip-hop has a strikingly large role.


…you were told

when you clap the world will hold

hold the bold the called

hold the weak and the old

hold what’s sold

hold back hold

the wonderful multifold…


-From Song #9 The Infinite Hip-Hop Song


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