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alva noto – xerrox

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Berlin based visual and sound artist Carsten Nicolai [aka alva noto], who is part of the Singapore Biennal 2006 with his work syn chron shown at National Museum, has established himself as a leading member in the realm of electronic sound and visual designers. Using art and music as hybrid tools to create microscopic views of creative processes, he creates precise rhythmic structures with electronic clicks and glitches as essential elements of his music. His works captivate consistently through their elegance, simplicity and cool technicism. In his powerful live performances Nicolai produces sublime, post-techno grooves, accompanied by his now legendary live synaesthesic video.

For his concert at Singapore National Museum, alva noto performs xerrox, the follow-up work to his transall CD series. xerrox takes its title and principle from the original xerox machine, mixed with the concept of error. The compressions, multiplications, scale changes and shifts in resolution to which Nicolai subjects his audio and visual sources become both the process and the content of xerrox. Whereas in former alva noto releases, sound has always been internally generated within the computer, xerrox features a range of collected materials. Muzak, television advertising melodies, elevator bell tones – ambience that surrounds us the whole day – are used as ‘ground facts’ for Nicolai to begin gradual changes through a series of states. #

Carsten Nicolai has performed and exhibited in many of the world’s most prestigious spaces including The Guggenheim NYC, MOMA SF, NTT Tokyo, The Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, The TATE Modern, London and Venice Biennal. His exploration of the physicality of sound continues in his collaborations with Ryoji Ikeda, Mika Vainio, his celebrated recordings vrioon and insen with Ryuichi Sakamoto and in the pioneering raster-noton record label he co-founded. Nicolai won Ars Electronica Golden Nica prizes for Digital Music in 2000 and for Interactive Art in 2001.

On occasion of Singapore Biennale 2006, in cooperation with raster-noton.

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