Carsten Nicolai

04.09. – 12.11.2006
Singapore Biennale 2006
National Museum of Singapore

syn chron
Architectural Body as Interface
Space. Light. Sound. (2005)

Carsten Nicolai – concept, composition
Finn Geipel & Giulia Andi, LIN – architecture
Werner Sobek – supporting structure
David Letellier – artistic/architectural assistance

Ingrid Buschmann, Gabriele Knapstein – curators

LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH – laser technology, programing
ELAC Electroacustic GmbH – audio technology
Nibo – sound programing
Rob Feigel – technical production

Visual artist and musician Carsten Nicolai has conceived of a mobile space that serves as acoustic body, resonating space and projection surface all at once – a crystalline architectural body whose translucent skin is the vehicle for both acoustic and optical events. Electronic music composed by Nicolai generates modulations in laser-projected light. The architectural body is a sound and light space that visitors can enter into, or they can also perceive it from the outside, even at a distance. This mobile architecture is a prototype that the artist has developed together with architects Finn Geipel and Giulia Andi, LIN as well as with engineer Werner Sobek. Along with the latest in laser technology, Nicolai experiments with the special acoustic conditions of the crystalline space.

Carsten Nicolai, born 1965 in Chemnitz, has developed a special approach to the connection between art and music, between visual and acoustic perception, in his works since the mid-1990s. His stance as artist and musician may be compared with that of a researcher. In constantly new experimental arrangements, Nicolai seeks to overcome separations between human sensory experiences and to transform natural scientific phenomena, such as sound and light frequencies, into events perceptible for the eyes and ears. »syn chron« represents the largest project to date in Nicolai’s endeavor to create a symbiosis between architecture, light and sound. After the premiere at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, Germany (Jan. 2005), the presentation at Biennale Bern 05, Switzerland (Oct. 2005) and at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in Yamaguchi, Japan (Dec. 2005) it is now shown at Singapore Biennale 2006.

Commissioned and produced by Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. in collaboration with Neue Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and MaerzMusik / Berliner Festspiele.
Made possible by grants from the Ernst Schering Foundation and the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. With support from LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH and ELAC Electroacustic GmbH.
Co-produced by BIENNALE BERN 05, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Singapore Biennale 2006 and ifa – Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen.

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