Glenn Branca

26.09.2003 / 20:00 h
St. Elisabeth-Kirche

20 Years Freunde Guter Musik Berlin

Symphony No.14 (Retrospective) – WP
– Commission for rock band and electronics –
Glenn Branca – overtone guitar
Regina Bloor – guitar
Ryan Walsh – bass
Tony Cenicola – drums

Glenn Branca‘s (New York) astonishingly powerful, harmonic (i.e.based on overtone series) microtonal music for massed groups of electric guitars and keyboards is closely linked with the history of Freunde. Since the end of the ’70s, Branca has experimented with the sound and overtones of electric guitars, and developed his own instruments and special tuning systems based on the finely gradated intervals of the partial tone series. He began, moreover, to be concerned with large-scale musical forms. Branca’s symphonies for large ensembles of electric guitars and guitar-mutants lasted up to an hour and a half – unleashing monumental and ecstatic storms of sound – and made the »Wagnerian punk” (SZ) a cult figure in avant-garde circles in the first half of the ’80s. Having returned early in the ’90s to softer sounds and more tempered tuning Branca has in recent years created new compositions for as many as 100 electric guitars. For its 20th anniversary, Freunde has commissioned a new work by Glenn Branca who, with his ensemble, is giving the premiere performance of his hour-long piece in one movement, »Symphony No. 14«.

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