26.09.2003 / 22:00 h
Villa Elisabeth

20 Years Freunde Guter Musik Berlin

motion picture soundtrack – concert
biomorph source music III/audiotracts – sound project in the Net, presentation

Both performances by the Berlin electronic musician, composer and sound designer zeitblom (Berlin) are based on the idea of a biomorphic composing process, with sound as the micro-organism, which he developed while working on the installation trilogy “bioplex – biomorph – bioscope” (2001–2005). In his concert “motion picture soundtrack”, zeitblom presents the music for an unmade movie filmed using the anamorphic Cinemascope process. Similar to anamorphic optics, sounds are first compressed, and then expanded and separated to again create a monophonic soundscape. Sound, melody, and rhythms are subjected to continuous permutations and, in an acoustic recycling process that yields ever-changing forms, composed into an audio film.

In the musical Net project that zeitblom has developed for Freunde’s Website, “biomorph source music III/audiotracts”, the acoustic material is also always being newly combined, interwoven, and dynamically weighted. The user, navigating through the site pages, guides processes that constantly generate new sound events.

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