Martin Creed & Band

04.10.2003 / 20:00 h
Villa Elisabeth

20 Years Freunde Guter Musik Berlin

Martin Creed (singer, guitar)
Keiko Owada (bass)
Christopher Bell (drums)
Siani Owen (singer)

The artistic work of Martin Creed (London), the 2001 Turner Prizewinner, is distinguished by a conceptual and minimalist approach in which he questions, often with subtle humor, the presentational and representational systems of art. From the beginning, music and sound have played a central role in his works, which frequently are based merely on instructions for minimal interventions. The music pieces that he writes for the band “owada”, which he co-founded in 1994, are also reduced to elementary song structures. “Situated somewhere between Steve Reich and the Ramones” (The Guardian), these songs undermine pop-cultural expectations. After many live appearances as a singer and guitarist with “owada”, and various solo performances in recent years, Martin Creed introduces a new band project under his own name, with new songs, for the first time, here in Berlin.

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