¡una familia electrónica, caramba!

12.12.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – three generations of Spanish electronic music – Eduardo Polonio (Huelva) – prime mover of Spanish electronic music Francisco López (Madrid) – internationally renowned “materialist” of electronic sounds Darío Moratilla a.k.a. Games Addiction (Guadalajara) – leading figure in the young Spanish music scene Freunde Guter Musik Berlin presents a meeting of three generations of electronic music from... weiterlesen


05.12.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – the big before and after show – Lars Rudolph (Berlin) – Trompete, Stimme Wigald Boning (Allgäu) – Saxophone, Keyboards, Stimme Willehad Grafenhorst (Berlin) – E-Bass, Keyboards, Elektronik Jim Meneses (Philadelphia) – Schlagzeug als Gast: Dietmar Diesner (Dresden) – Saxophon, Elektronik “Mickey Mouse in a soundstorm” – KIXX was at its height when this headline from the end of the ’80s... weiterlesen

Urban + Aboriginal XVI: Ancient and New Music from Korea

12. – 21.11.2004 Podewil Beginning the Year of Korea 2005 / On tour in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Leipzig Korean music has not been heard on a large scale in Berlin since the Horizonte festival in 1985. URBAN + ABORIGINAL XVI now presents old and new music from Korea in a wide-ranging series of events. Concerts featuring significant works in the history of Korean music offer opportunities to experience, as never before, the rich... weiterlesen

Closing festival concert in the Tanzprobensaal

21.11.2004 / 22:00 h Podewil – Solos, duos, trios with musicians of the Yeak Academy – The Yeak Academy for Ancient Korean Music, Seoul  Read More

Composer portrait: New Music 2

21.11.2004 / 19:30 h Podewil – The Barton Workshop, Amsterdam – Compositions by Yi Manbang, Koo Bonu, Park Yong-shil, Na Hyo-shin, Han Ock-mi, Han Mi-young  Read More

Roundtable discussion with festival composers

21.11.2004 / 17:30 h Podewil Club In collaboration with the International Isang Yun Society Moderator: Wolfgang Sparrer  Read More

Improvisation and sound performances

20.11.2004 / 19:30 h Podewil – Crossing boundaries between sound event, improvisation and installation – Park Je-chun – drums Lee Yun-kyung – sound performance Park Chang-soo – piano solo  Read More

Sanjo Lounges

20.11.2004 / 15:00 h Podewil Studios – Intimate music for melodic instruments and hourglass drum – The Yeak Academy for Ancient Korean Music, Seoul Program: Gasa – Daegum Sanjo, Haegum Sanjo – P‘iri Sanjo, Komun‘go Sanjo – Kayageum Sanjo  Read More

Modern p’ansori and folk songs

19.11.2004 / 22:00 h Podewil – P’ansori re-designed – Lee Ja-ram – voice, guitar Kim Yong-wha – puk (barrel drum), voice  Read More

Composer portraits: New Music 1

19.11.2004 / 19:30 h Podewil – Modern Art Sextet, Berlin and guests – Yoriko Ikeya – piano Marc Sabat – violin Cardew Ensemble Berlin Compositions by Lee Yun-kyung, Lee Yun-seck, Park Yong-shil, Koo Bonu, Han Mi-young  Read More

Park Chang-soo

18.11.2004 / 22:00 h Podewil – Copy and Paste – Park Chang-soo  – Laptop, video projections  Read More

Portrait Hwang Byung-ki

18.11.2004 / 19:30 h Podewil – Living legend of the kayageum: Portrait concert Hwang Byung-ki – Hwang Byung-ki – Kayageum, Changgu Ji Ae-ri – Kayageum Yun In-suk – Voice Kim Woong-sik – Changgu  Read More

Sanjo Lounges

16.11.2004 / 19:30 Uhr Podewil Studios – Intimate music for melodic instruments and hourglass drum – The Yeak Academy for Ancient Korean Music, Seoul Program: Haegum Sanjo – Kayageum Sanjo, Komungo Sanjo – Daegum Sanjo, Gasa – P´iri Sanjo  Read More

Yeochang Gagok

14.11.2004 / 19:30 h Podewil – Lyric art songs for women – Yi A-mi  – voice The Yeak Academy for Ancient Korean Music, Seoul  Read More

P’ansori Simchong-ga

13.11.2004 / 17:00 h Podewil – Telling stories through song – Wang Ki-seok – voice Han Seung-seok – Puk Duration: approx. 5 hours  Read More

Media lounge

12. – 21.11.2004 Podewil Foyer – A window into the everyday musical atmosphere of Korea – open on performance days starting one hour before the first event  Read More

Kang Ho-jung-Quartet

12.11.2004 / 22:00 h Podewil – From pop to noise – Kang Ho-jung – Keyboards, Laptop Han Seung-seok – Korean percussion Han Choong-wan – Keyboards Chung Jaeil – Baßgitarre, Sampler  Read More

Kajin Hoesang

12.11.2004 / 19:30 h Podewil – Artful instrumental music for philosophers and the literati – The Yeak Academy for Ancient Korean Music, Seoul  Read More

Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone

31.10.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – Multilayered Generative Media Music | Japan & Fluxus & Elektronik – Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone – Palimpsest (2004) Yasunao Tone – Wounded Soutai Man’yo Book III (2004) Florian Hecker – Inverted Henon Map IV (2004) The collaboration between the young electronic composer Florian Hecker (*1975 Augsburg) and the Japanese Fluxus pioneer Yasunao Tone (*1935 Tokyo) is a trans-generational project.... weiterlesen