Works of Music by Visual Artists SCORES Saâdane Afif, Christian Marclay, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Jorinde Voigt Exhibition & Concerts Exhibition: October 28 – November 13, 2016 Opening: October 27, 2016, 7 p.m. Concerts: October 28 & 30, November 13, 2016 Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin / Rieckhallen Invalidenstraße 50-51 10557 Berlin SCORES, the latest in the series Works of Music by Visual Artists,... weiterlesen

SCORES – Ari Benjamin Meyers

Ari Benjamin Meyers Who’s Afraid of Sol La Ti? (Invention I) 2016 Daily activation of individual meta-scores by Wojtek Blecharz (composer) and Susanne Fröhlich (recorder) throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, and performance of the entire collection in the final concert.   In his exhibitions and compositions, Ari Benjamin Meyers explores structures that redefine the performative and immaterial side of music and examine the question... weiterlesen

SCORES – Jorinde Voigt

JORINDE VOIGT Song of the Earth 2016   The drawings by Jorinde Voigt, conceived primarily in cycles and called notations and scores by the artist herself, form the core of the artist’s multifaceted oeuvre alongside photographic works, actions, objects and (sound) installations. From Song of the Earth, a projected eight-part cycle of drawings on which Voigt is currently working, the first four chapters are presented in the exhibition: Radical... weiterlesen

SCORES – Christian Marclay

CHRISTIAN MARCLAY Screen Play, Zoom Zoom, To Be Continued   Christian Marclay is known internationally as a virtuoso of ‘sampling’. In his practice, which includes live performances as well as purely visual works, he takes found objects – often carrying a musical connotation – from daily life, the consumer world and mass media, and remixes them in order to generate his art. In Screen Play (2005), black-and-white archival footage taken... weiterlesen

SCORES – Saâdane Afif

Saâdane Afif Vice de forme: Das Kabarett 2016   The installative works by Saâdane Afif often call to mind production processes in music: he works with scores/concepts, song texts, composition, posters and recording media. In a continuous and potentially unfinished process of transformation, and with the incorporation of authors, musicians and performers, the artist generates a fascinating network of relationships and references. The exhibition... weiterlesen