EN/OF _ Exhibition

05.07. – 02.08.2003 heeresbaeckerei-kultur Editions Exhibition at guestroom Editions EN/OF: 001 Liam Gillick / Ekkehard Ehlers & Joseph Suchy  002 Olafur Eliasson / Heimir Björgúlfsson  003 Tobias Rehberger / Stephan Mathieu  004 Sarah Morris / Jan Jelinek  005 Henrik Håkansson / Alejandra & Aeron  006 Angela Bulloch / TV Pow  007 Gerwald Rockenschaub / The Rip-Off Artist  008 Carsten Höller / Wander  009 Simon Starling /... weiterlesen

EN/OF _ Finissage

02.08.2003 / 18:00 h guestroom / heeresbaeckerei-kultur Christina Kubisch & Boris Hegenbart “Elektrisches Pflichtjahr” – sound performance Christina Kubisch (Berlin) is internationally known as a sound artist. After having done no live performances for over 20 years, she performed together with dancer Lotta Melin in Umea, Sweden in spring, 2003. Tiny sound modules, activated and steered by light waves, were the acoustic materials... weiterlesen

EN/OF _ Concert

11.07.2003 / 21:00 h heeresbaeckerei-kultur Jan Jelinek Stephan Mathieu Wander Jan Jelinek (Berlin) has been working since 1998 under different pseudonyms in various contexts: on a new assessment of soul music phrases (as Farben); on a reduced approximation of dancefloor (as Gramm) and, under his own name, on manipulating linear second-long loops from jazz samples. In his ongoing collaborations with artists, Jelinek is concerned with directly connecting... weiterlesen

EN/OF _ Lounge

05.07.2003 / 22:00 h heeresbaeckerei-kultur Millionaires With Guitars Gerwald Rockenschaub Opening of the show EN/OF and lounge with Millionaires With Guitars (Frantek Brandt, Markus Linnenbrink – guitars, Julius Linnenbrink – drums) and Gerwald Rockenschaub (DJ). Millionaires With Guitars is an engaged amateur band that has been playing together regularly for 1 1/2 years in its rehearsal space in Dortmund. The few public appearances of... weiterlesen