Heaven And

04.12.2008 Maria am Ostbahnhof Heaven And Record Release Concert “Sweeter As The Years Roll By” (Staubgold 87) Tony Buck ▪ Drums Steve Heather ▪  Percussion Martin Siewert ▪ Guitars zeitblom ▪ Bass David Cunningham Solo Electric Guitar and Effects Dj Alec Empire Eat Your Heart Out/Dhr, Berlin Dj Markus Detmer Staubgold/Quecksilber, Berlin On occasion of 25 Years Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. in... weiterlesen

The Lappetites

02.12.2008 Maria am Ostbahnhof Eliane Radigue (France) Kaffe Matthews (UK) Ryoko (Japan) Antye Greie AGF (Germany) The Lappetites is a laptop group playing with digital and sonic linking games for composition – 4 women from different backgrounds and different generations. On occasion of 25 Jahre Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. in cooperation with Klangraum Minoritenkirche Krems / Nö Festival GmbH, staubgold and... weiterlesen

The Strings Extended

24.06.2007 Maria am Ostbahnhof Dean Roberts •  Gitarre, Gesang dps: Werner Dafeldecker •  Kontrabass / Patrick Pulsinger • Modularsynthesizer Kevin Drumm •  E-Gitarre, Synthesizer Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.  Read More

¡una familia electrónica, caramba!

12.12.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – three generations of Spanish electronic music – Eduardo Polonio (Huelva) – prime mover of Spanish electronic music Francisco López (Madrid) – internationally renowned “materialist” of electronic sounds Darío Moratilla a.k.a. Games Addiction (Guadalajara) – leading figure in the young Spanish music scene Freunde Guter Musik Berlin presents a meeting of three generations of electronic music from... weiterlesen


05.12.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – the big before and after show – Lars Rudolph (Berlin) – Trompete, Stimme Wigald Boning (Allgäu) – Saxophone, Keyboards, Stimme Willehad Grafenhorst (Berlin) – E-Bass, Keyboards, Elektronik Jim Meneses (Philadelphia) – Schlagzeug als Gast: Dietmar Diesner (Dresden) – Saxophon, Elektronik “Mickey Mouse in a soundstorm” – KIXX was at its height when this headline from the end of the ’80s... weiterlesen

Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone

31.10.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – Multilayered Generative Media Music | Japan & Fluxus & Elektronik – Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone – Palimpsest (2004) Yasunao Tone – Wounded Soutai Man’yo Book III (2004) Florian Hecker – Inverted Henon Map IV (2004) The collaboration between the young electronic composer Florian Hecker (*1975 Augsburg) and the Japanese Fluxus pioneer Yasunao Tone (*1935 Tokyo) is a trans-generational project.... weiterlesen