Gordon Monahan

01. & 02.12.2005 Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin Theremin in the Rain (2005) with Francesca Noia and Vania Rovisco, dance A project by Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V., supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V., Museum & Location Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbh der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin and der Botschaft von Kanada (Berlin).  Read More

¡una familia electrónica, caramba!

12.12.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – three generations of Spanish electronic music – Eduardo Polonio (Huelva) – prime mover of Spanish electronic music Francisco López (Madrid) – internationally renowned “materialist” of electronic sounds Darío Moratilla a.k.a. Games Addiction (Guadalajara) – leading figure in the young Spanish music scene Freunde Guter Musik Berlin presents a meeting of three generations of electronic music from... weiterlesen

Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone

31.10.2004 Maria am Ostbahnhof – Multilayered Generative Media Music | Japan & Fluxus & Elektronik – Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone – Palimpsest (2004) Yasunao Tone – Wounded Soutai Man’yo Book III (2004) Florian Hecker – Inverted Henon Map IV (2004) The collaboration between the young electronic composer Florian Hecker (*1975 Augsburg) and the Japanese Fluxus pioneer Yasunao Tone (*1935 Tokyo) is a trans-generational project.... weiterlesen