Works of Music by Visual Artists

A series of events featuring performances and exhibitions of musical works and compositions by visual artists The series »Works of Music by Visual Artists« presents pieces by artists who are internationally known as visual artists. Some of these musical works and compositions have seldom been heard; some are new works commissioned for the series. For the participating artists, the connection between visual arts and music – between visual and acoustic... weiterlesen

Carsten Nicolai

25.02. – 03.04.2005 Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin / Upper Hall syn chron Architectural Body as Interface Space. Light. Sound. (2005) Carsten Nicolai – concept, composition Finn Geipel & Giulia Andi, LIN – architecture Werner Sobek – supporting structure David Letellier – artistic assistance Ingrid Buschmann, Gabriele Knapstein – curators JENOPTIK AG – laser sources LaserAnimation SOLLINGER GmbH – laser technology, programing ELAC... weiterlesen

Christian Marclay

11.03.2002 / 19:00 h Neue Nationalgalerie / Upper Hall Graffiti Composition (WP) Ensemble zeitkratzer, conductor: Butch Morris Shelley Hirsch – voice, Anthony Coleman – piano Marclay has also long been a familiar and important figure in Berlin. In 1993, while living in the city as a guest of the DAAD, he staged the enormous simultaneous concert “Berlin Mix” for the 10th anniversary of Freunde Guter Musik. Instead of sampling... weiterlesen