Urban + Aborignal XV: China

15.11. – 17.11.2002 Podewil, Werkstatt der Kulturen der Welt URBAN + ABORIGINAL – Music and performance between Rock, Jazz, “ethnic” and “new” music, in the borderland of styles, cultures and between the arts. Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V. have presented their annual festival “Urban + Aboriginal” since 1985. With its shifting emphasis on different regions and themes, the festival has developed into... weiterlesen

Xu Fengxia / Wu Wie

17.11.2002 / 21:00 h Werkstatt der Kulturen Saal – Improvised music –  Read More

Ensemble “Der Drache”

17.11.2002 / 20:00 h Werkstatt der Kulturen Saal Xu Fengxia (Guzheng), Wu Wie (Sheng, Erhu), Fu Renchang (Yangqin)  Read More

Ensemble Xian An Guyue

17.11.2002 / 17:30 h Werkstatt der Kulturen Restaurant Introduction of the ensembles by Li Mingzhong from Xian (Lecture) Chinese Buffet  Read More

Li Mingzhong

17.11.2002 / 16:00 h Werkstatt der Kulturen Saal – Klassische Musik für Guquin –  Read More