Gilbert & George

30.09.1998 / 21:00 h
Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof

The Singing Sculpture
Video program with films in the context of  “Underneath the Arches”

Video program:
Gilbert & George. The Human Sculptures. Underneath the Arches, Galerie Block at Forum-Theater, 20. February 1970, 24 h; section of the SFB-production »Berliner Fenster: Galerie Block« from 12. March 1970, author Jan Franksen.

Gilbert & George. The Singing Sculpture, Sonnabend Gallery, New York, 21. – 28. September 1991, daily 15-18 h, in the context of the exhibition »The General Jungle« with drawings by Gilbert & George; film by Philip Haas about the presentation on occasion of the 20. anniversary of the opening of Sonnabend Gallery in New York.

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