¡una familia electrónica, caramba!

Maria am Ostbahnhof

– three generations of Spanish electronic music –
Eduardo Polonio (Huelva) – prime mover of Spanish electronic music
Francisco López (Madrid) – internationally renowned “materialist” of electronic sounds
Darío Moratilla a.k.a. Games Addiction (Guadalajara) – leading figure in the young Spanish music scene

Freunde Guter Musik Berlin presents a meeting of three generations of electronic music from Spain at Maria am Ostbahnhof. In solo performances and a collaborative set, the protagonists play with the diversity of their approaches as well as with the aspects shared by the different generations in the Spanish electronic scene.

Eduardo Polonio is one of the fathers of the electronic music scene in Spain. For over 35 years, the now 63-year-old Polonio has worked with unconventional set-ups of the most eclectic electronic sound sources. He has steered clear of acoustic instruments almost like the devil avoids holy water. As a member of the group “Alea Música Electrónica Libre”, Polonio in 1970 was among the founders of a unique Spanish style of live electronics. A major part of his music, which he usually performs himself, deals with video and other visual elements. As an organizer of the “Confluencias” Festival in Huelva, Polonio is in contact with Spain’s young electronic music scene.

Francisco López is internationally known for his radical work with the simplest and most abstract electronic sounds: sine waves and white noise. López combines just a few elements, via sharp cuts, into extended passages, in the process initiating the most surprisingly intense sensory experiences. The sound material becomes almost tangible, so precisely does it drill into the ears, and the space seems to be filled with both sound waves and varied particles of sound. López rejects visual elements for his music and sometimes performs the pieces in complete darkness, thus intensifying the full-body awareness of his raw sound world.

Darío Moratilla (a.k.a. Games Addiction) is one of the young generation of Spanish electronic musicians. The sounds of the everyday world, which include computer games and software, are his materials. One of his performances transposes the surrealist principle of “frottage” to digital audio technology: Moratilla allows samples, which he plays live on acoustic instruments, to rub against and rub off on each other. The piece is an allegory about how the reality of the world is represented in the media.

Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

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