Maria am Ostbahnhof

– the big before and after show –
Lars Rudolph (Berlin) – Trompete, Stimme
Wigald Boning (Allgäu) – Saxophone, Keyboards, Stimme
Willehad Grafenhorst (Berlin) – E-Bass, Keyboards, Elektronik
Jim Meneses (Philadelphia) – Schlagzeug
als Gast: Dietmar Diesner (Dresden) – Saxophon, Elektronik

“Mickey Mouse in a soundstorm” – KIXX was at its height when this headline from the end of the ’80s by Tagesspiegel critic Geisenhanslüke hit the nail on the head about this refreshingly anarchistic and absurd rock-noise-improv band, then at the international forefront of the genre. Slaughtering the sacred cow of music wherever they found it, this band provoked in every way – shying away from neither slapstick nor brute force sound orgies as they fervidly assaulted and abused each and every sound, noise and object from the technologized world: manipulated record players, duck calls, junky home organs, condomized microphones and lots more.

A legend in its own time, KIXX was launched in 1983 as a student band in Oldenburgisch-Bremischen and soon internationally expanded. The band reached its zenith at the end of the ’80s in numerous international appearances with John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Shelley Hirsch and others. It fell apart early in the ’90s when its members went off in various artistic directions. The temporary, one-time-only rebirth of this truly unconventional formation in its mythical original line-up – with Lars Rudolph, Wigald Boning, Willehad Grafenhorst alias Willy Hart and drummer Jim Meneses from Philadelphia (who joined the band a few months after it came together) – is an incredible attraction not least due to the fact that some of the musicians took off on other paths, where they have since enjoyed considerable careers: Lars Rudolph as an actor in films and theater (i.e. with Christoph Marthaler), Wigald Boning as a well-known comedian and TV star. Dietmar Diesner is the musical embodiment of ’Living Performance‘. He was brought into the KIXX band early on and in this constellation, he was the first musician from the GDR to play in a Freunde Guter Musik concert back in 1988. – Get your KIXX at Maria‘s on December 5, 2004!

Supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

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