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Freunde Guter Musik Berlin e.V.

Established in 1983, Freunde Guter Musik Berlin is a non-profit association, dedicated to the presentation and dissemination of new music and music in new forms. Numerous international, German, and Berlin-based artists were invited to present their works at selected venues throughout the city. Most of these artists defy the usual categories of given music scenes; they operate at the experimental margins of traditional genres and in the borderlands between music, visual, and performance art. Composer-performances, minimal music and its various offshoots, free improvisation, music rooted in ethnic and folk traditions, music made with newly invented, re-invented, and mutated instruments, live electronic music, and also sound art – acoustic installations, environments, sound sculptures, musical media art, and Works of Music by Visual Artists – outline the working domain of Freunde Guter Musik. With their activities they played a pioneering role in Berlin’s music and art scene preparing the ground for a large number of artists. Not a few of them have performed in Berlin for the first time, some have launched their international careers from here.

Board of directors:
Ingrid Buschmann, Matthias Osterwold, Vilém Wagner


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