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Christian Marclay is known internationally as a virtuoso of ‘sampling’. In his practice, which includes live performances as well as purely visual works, he takes found objects – often carrying a musical connotation – from daily life, the consumer world and mass media, and remixes them in order to generate his art.

In Screen Play (2005), black-and-white archival footage taken from various films are combined with colourful computer-animated graphics whose dots and lines recall traditional musical notation. For the musicians of the ensemBle baBel, with Elliott Sharp as guest, these visual cues provide the stimuli for the rhythm, mood, volume, and length of their performance.

The slideshow Zoom Zoom (2007–2016) is based on the artist’s extensive archive of photographs of onomatopoeias found on signs, advertising and product packaging. During his performance with vocalist Shelley Hirsch, Marclay selects images to trigger her vocal improvisation and presents her with new images in an ongoing call and response.

Christian Marclay has also developed a new work, To Be Continued (2016), which has been published as a comic book in a large edition and is available to purchase. It also serves as a musical score for the ensemBle baBel. The comic book has been co-produced with Kunstraum Innsbruck and the Klangspuren Schwaz festival in Austria.

In cooperation with Kunstraum Innsbruck, Klangspuren Schwaz and Deutschlandradio Kultur. Supported by Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Foundation.

Christian Marclay, Screen Play, Zoom Zoom
Exhibition view “Scores”, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2016
Photo: Thomas Bruns, © Courtesy the artist, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, and White Cube, London

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